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Most of us spend nearly half of our waking hours each week in the office. Health wise, the cleanliness of your work space is just almost as important as the cleanliness of your home. Offices can also be a breeding ground for germs.

A clean office means less sickness and better overall health.The cost of commercial cleaning services depends on the type of cleaning you need, the size of your office, and the frequency of cleaning and your location. Overhead in cleaning services can devour 80% or more of your cleaning dollar. We eliminated salespeople and pay the janitors more. Increased wages for our janitors gets us competent workers , which means more quality for less money. By paying more the best people. Every Portland commercial property needs to be properly maintained and cleaned, that’s what All in one Maintenance & Cleaning’s Janitorial service can provide for your company. In order to ensure cleanliness of a building, you have come to the right place for well-trained Janitorial service.

All in one Maintenance & Cleaning’s day porters are used to working in busy, high-traffic areas making sure it is free of safety hazards. In addition, we are familiar with all kinds of cleaning and trash removal, as well as carpet cleaning, floors, power washing and emergency cleanups on all kinds.

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