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If your home is vacant and you’re in need of a deep cleaning, our Make Ready Cleaning is the best option for you. Make Ready Cleaning offers the same routine as Move Out Cleaning. We work with realtors to get homes ready to move in to. When a resident moves out they don’t always leave a unit in the same shape they found it. Our comprehensive make ready cleaning helps make sure all the places you see and even the ones you don’t are shiny and new for future residents.

What is a Make Ready Cleaning?

  • This is a deep cleaning designed for homes that are vacant of all furniture and personal belongings.

Why should you choose this type of cleaning?

  • Our Make Ready cleanings are the deepest cleanings we offer for vacant homes.
  • This cleaning is designed to meet many (if not all) of the requirements set by landlords and leasing offices.
  • By choosing this cleaning, you will save yourself days of hard work and intense labor.

What does the Make Ready Cleaning include?

  • Our Make Ready Cleaning offers the same cleaning as the Move-Out Cleaning.
  • The Make Ready Cleaning includes everything from cleaning out your appliances, dusting the ceiling fans, wiping down baseboards, scrubbing out the bathtubs and showers, sweeping and mopping the floors, vacuuming the carpets, cleaning windows inside and out and much more.
  • To get a specific rundown of what this cleaning includes, call us for a free, no obligation quote at (503)236-6434

Keep in mind, our services are customized for your needs– our trained cleaners will take care of everything your particular job requires.